Discovery of the █████████

Today, I have made a breakthrough. By applying my understanding of that which exists beyond just the quantum level, I have gathered all my precious ingredients needed to form a search. And in that arduous search, I've reached a point where I may prosper. With this featherlight promise of peace, comes a rather contrasting discovery. Ne was impossible to observe first, which made me acquire my special tools for viewing. I looked closer, it took hours, my neck was aching from the all the prolonged craning. Then I saw nym.

Ne was a tiny little string of blackness. Surely, my eyes had to be deceiving me. Did I do it? Did I prove the physicality of String Theory after all? Silly old me, I couldn't have. Despite all my research and inventions being far more advanced than what those at the top of my league have currently, I never would have suspected to go so far as to prove that our reality is in fact made up of more-than-just-microscopic string-like entities.

Yet I did. I had proven the fundamental nature of our reality.

And in my awe-struck question of, "What the hell?" ... I received an answer. A piercing, high-pitched response uttered from this special blackness.

"Hell doesn't exist yet."